COVID-19 Rules and Policies

We’re super proud of how we've managed to continue to serve our patrons in a safe manner through this pandemic. Based on the rules as we currently understand them, our policies are: 


Take Out Beer​

  • Everyone entering the tap room for purchase must wear a mask.

  • We require that patrons follow the floor markings to keep safe distance.

  • We will limit interaction with customer with regards to credit card transaction – no open tabs.


On-Site Consumption

  • No indoor seating or consumption in the tap room.

  • The beer garden will be open for seating. Moving of tables or chairs to be done by employees only.

  • RAMP assessment/enforcement continues to apply.

  • Patrons must be seated to consume beer.

  • Patrons must wear a mask when not seated.

  • No smoking or vaping inside of the beer garden fenced area.

  • Tables will be sanitized between uses.

  • Restrooms are available in the tap room for patrons.

  • We require a meal purchase with any seated consumption of alcohol. Acceptable proof includes meal in hand or receipt of meal purchase to be delivered upon preparation.

    • Additional: 

      • A meal “constitutes breakfast, lunch, or dinner.”

      • Potato chips, popcorn, pretzels do not count towards this requirement.

      • Food must be present at the table for a patron to continue consumption. 

      • We are promoting sales from food trucks. However, other outside food (local restaurants, grub hub, etc.) is acceptable.


Please do the best you can, and be safe. Thanks so much for being a part our community.