COVID-19 Rules and Policies

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We’re very proud of how we've managed to continue to serve our patrons in a safe manner through this pandemic. Based on the rules as we currently understand them, our policies are: 



  • All staff will wear masks and gloves at all times

  • Tables, chairs, POS screens, and other frequently touched services are sanitized between each use

  • MERV-13 air filters have been installed to scrub fine particulate matter from the air

  • Hand sanitizer is located at each table and at the main entrance

  • Plastic cups will be offered for all beverages

  • Mask wearing and safe separation is strictly enforced

  • We are utilizing minimal interaction POS transactions

Take Out Beer​

  • Everyone entering the tap room for purchase must wear a mask.

  • We require that patrons follow the floor markings to keep safe distance.

  • We will limit interaction with customer with regards to credit card transaction.


On-Site Consumption

  • Currently NO indoor seating.

  • Limited outdoor seating for consumption on-site. Moving of tables or chairs to be done by employees only.

  • RAMP assessment/enforcement continues to apply.

  • Patrons must be seated to consume alcohol.

  • Patrons must wear a mask when not seated.

  • No smoking or vaping in the outdoor designated seating area.

  • Tables will be sanitized between uses.

  • We require a "meal" with any seated consumption of alcohol. Acceptable proof includes meal in hand or receipt of meal purchase to be delivered upon preparation.



​Please do the best you can, and be safe. Thanks so much for being a part our community. 

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