Typically we have 12 drafts on the board - 11 of our beers and a guest cider. 

While we will consistently have a handful of "year-round" beers, we are consistently rotating new recipes in as well. One of the benefits of our size is that it allows us to be flexible with our production schedule. We are constantly innovating our recipes to allow us to brew both what you want to drink and what we want to brew. Our production is also based on access to local ingredients, new and unique ingredients, and the changing seasons.

While our lineup is consistently changing, we typically have a few IPA offerings, a couple dark beers, a couple lighter options, a sour, a cider, and maybe a couple experimental brews. As a neighborhood brewery, we like to have something for everyone. We typically release a new, fresh beer each Wednesday, and we try to keep our board balanced.

We sell full pours (16/13 oz), tasters (6 oz), and sample flights (five 6 oz pours) for on-site consumption. We also sell full growlers (64 oz), half growlers (32 oz), and 4-pack cans for take out. We also self distribute kegs to a handful of local bars and restaurants.

For an up-to-date tap list check out our social media pages. Our can release schedule is incorporated the schedule on this site.